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December 8, 2008

Jessica Alba Airbrushed in Campari Ads

Jessica Alba
really is as beautiful as they get, so you could just imagine how depressing it is to discover that shLinke was airbrushed in the Campari ads she did recently.

Campari obviously wanted absolute perfection and felt that Jessica Alba wasn't as slim or as flawless as they would've liked so they took some perfectly great Jessica Alba images and turned them into unbelievably flawless imagery.

I wonder if this makes Jessica Alba feel insecure? It's bizarre to see the difference; they remove any and all creases in her clothes, make her waist almost non-existent and remove the muscle tone in her leg. It's just getting to be too much now.


Anonymous said...

all of these comparisons are not of before airbrushing and after, but of different pictures, this does not make for a good comparison, and how do we know she didnt simply smooth out her dress? or perhaps the lighting, which is obviously different in the previously mentioned photo, didnt shadow her legs muscle tone hence it didnt show up in the picture? lets not forget that cameras see things in two dimensions, not three like our eyes, if the light does not shadow her muscle tone, then it wont show up on the camera even if our eyes would see it, these photos are without a doubt airbrushed, however i find your examples to be slightly flawed, and with other explainations, not to mention that there is nothing shown in advertising these days that is not airbrushed.

you mentioned that alba is perfect the way she is, but what woman isnt in her own way? but thats just the reason why these ads do so well, no woman wants to be just perfect, they want to be impossibley perfect, and with ads showing women that have impossible figures, women think that those products will give them the same look.

Anonymous said...

Agreed --- I've been looking, and I haven't found a comparison of the same photograph, before and after. Suspicious.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the fact that they are different pics, they are obviously airbrushed and not her, and she is very beautiful and incredibly styled so whats the point! And although everything is airbrushed I think that makeup is enough, I mean, so many people feel bad, Jessica, Photogragher, Person reading!


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