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December 11, 2008

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Katie Holmes Cold Sore

Katie Holmes
was starting to look very beautiful or a while there, but she's now starting to look like a very tall boy. But that's not what her flaw is; her flaw is that she has a case of herpes going on around her mouth. Ouch!

I remember in 2005, Katie Holmes had a pretty nasty cold sore outbreak and this isn't nearly as bad, but it's pretty nasty nonetheless.

Katie Holmes is probably happy about the outbreak because it means she doesn't have to kiss Tom Cruise for a while. Which also begs the question: Is Katie Holmes allowed to use Abreva? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

Um... why wouldn't she be "allowed" to use Abreva? And allowed by whom? Are you trying to imply that her husband controls her every move? That she's been brainwashed by the Scientologists? That her cultish religion doesn't allow followers to use certain types of medical attention (that's the Jehovah's Witnesses, btw)? I'm not sure I see what you're driving at, so feel free to be more specific with your celebrity hate-on of the day.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous comment... Scientologists forbid members from using medication / drugs. Don't you remember Tom's little speech to Mat Lauer


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