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December 11, 2008

Kevin Allwood Cashmere Coat

This is the mother of all winter coats, or perhaps her hotter, younger sister. It is one of the most beautiful winter coats I have ever seen and I'm sure you'll agree that this winter coat would make any woman feel sexy from head to toe.

With beige recycled fur trim and 100% cashmere, this coat is your answer to the ultimate in luxury. With a slim silhouette, it hugs the body in all the right places and easily gives winter the finger with the warmth and comfort it provides. Timelessly elegant.

Cost: $3,800 (knee length) $4,600 (down to ankle - not shown)
Where to get it: -


Anonymous said...

I went to the website but there's nothing there. Is the coat custom made or or off the rack?

B said...

I lovee your picc Anik!! very nice coats!! ;)


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