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December 10, 2008

Paula Abdul to Quit American Idol?

As you well know, Paula Abdul had a stalker (Paula Godspeed) who ended up killing herself in front of her house recently. Of course, Paula Abdul is really shaken up by it and is doing the rounds on the talk show circuit to explain what happened and why she's now selling her house. Duh!!

Anyway, Paula Abdul now says that the American Idol producers let Paula Godspeed audition at the American Idol tryouts despite her protesting against it. Paula Abdul knew that Paula Godspeed was a stalker and begged them not to let her in, but the producers thought it would be entertaining.

Paula Abdul claims that the only reason she's staying on the show now is because she is contractually obligated to. But I'm sure that American Idol doesn't want the bad press that's circulating so they may just let Paula Abdul out of her contract now that the worst has happened and Paula Godspeed ended her life.

After all, they now have new female judge Kara DioGuardi.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, they do have a 4th judge and believe me, she is boring as hell. she is female randy. i think paula didnt mean it like it came off with the "im still under contract". because the following day, she was on another chat show where she said she is very excited about the new season and she is not going anywhere since "simon would never let her". i think paula just has a love hate relationship with Idol. sometimes she hates is (like right now) but most of the time, she loves it.


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