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January 14, 2009

American Idol's Bikini Girl Serves Kara DioGuardi

American Idol 8 introduced "bikini girl" Katrina Darrell who sang "Vision of Love" and Kara DioGuardi was obviously upset that the girl was so incredibly hot and that Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson were taken by her.

Kara DioGuardi did not want her to go through to Hollywood, so she tried correcting her singing and bikini girl Katrina Darrell told her that she was no better at singing the song.

Katrina Darrell has a mental body, but her face reminded me of Celine Dion, and no, that's not a compliment.

Paula Abdul tried to be crazy, I mean, the voice of reason, but it all ended in hilarity and Katrina Darrell and her bikini made it to Hollywood, and after she jumped up and down (in slow-mo for those of us at home), she kissed Ryan Seacrest. It was incredibly awkward and I got the impression that Ryan Seacrest was afraid that she may have given him herpes. That, or she just yanked him out of that closet.

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