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January 20, 2009

Madonna Unphotoshopped Pictures

Madonna, who has been very careful about her looks by taking all necessary measures to make sure she keeps up with the younger, fresher faces of music, will be incredibly upset to discover that outtakes from her Hard Candy promo shoot have been leaked on the Internet. Ahh, the Internet, what wonder...

Madonna's pictures show her age (although she has had plastic surgery) because they have not been photoshopped. Ooh, Madonna is going to make sure some heads roll for this one.

So check out the pictures of Madonna sans photoshop and decide for yourself if you appreciate all those lines in her face.


Anonymous said...

looks to me like Madonna might make Guy Ritchie sorry he left...

crazycraig73 said...

after her saying at her concerts everyone go spend your hard earned cash ,,,to me thats ugly more then what she looks like with out make up ...she adopted one child and thinks she saved the fucking world she is one sick bitch ,how cum madonna you wont let your kids watch tv but you made everyone elses kids watch you finger fuck your self on stage


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