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January 5, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Gives Megan a Beating

Sharon Osbourne beat the crap out of a chick named Megan Hauserman during a Charm School Reunion. It's amazing, Sharon Osbourne really kicked her ass.

So I know what you're thinking... Who the hell is Megan? And what is a Charm School Reunion? But seriously? Who cares? All that really matters is that Sharon Osbourne pulled chunks of hair out of this girl's head, and it looks like she deserved it.

It all started when Megan Hauserman told Sharon Osbourne that the only reason she's famous is because she's managing a brain dead rock star. So, naturally, Sharon Osbourne got up to beat the crap out her.

So check out the video of Sharon Osbourne giving Megan Hauserman a beating and let me know if you think she was justified.

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