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February 12, 2009

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Beyonce Cellulite

Beyonce is a helluva beautiful girl, it's true, but even Beyonce suffers from cellulite. And even though it looks like she doesn't have that much cellulite, you need to keep in mind that if I were hella rich and new that I was going to be wearing a bikini and that paparazzi would likely catch it on camera, I would get some serious cellulite treatments beforehand. And you can bet your ass Beyonce did.

It's obvious she works out because her abs are made of all kinds of steel, but girlfriend has thunder thighs and the cellulite that comes with them. I still love Beyonce and I'm sure that Jay-Z also feels good when he feels her up.

3 comments: said...

wtf, she DOES NOT have cellulite!!

AND -- who cares!? oh my God that's a crime if someone's not perfect?? PERFECTION IS AN ILLUSION

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Are u crazy?where do you see celulite?

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I see some cellulite, but that's normal. However what I do realize is her ass is not as bubbly, or should I say outwardly rounded as it appears in all those dresses. It's wide and has some outward definition, but it's like any big boned girl's booty. Nothing special. Maybe it's true she using padding, or she just sticks it way out when she's posing. FAKER!

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