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February 8, 2009

Did Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna?

If this is indeed a fact, this is going to ruin Chris Brown's reputation for life. Word is spreading that Chris Brown got into a violent altercation with a woman in his car at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2009 and the woman called the police after Chris Brown smacked her around.

There's no solid evidence that it was actually Rihanna that was struck by Chris Brown but the two were supposed to perform at the Grammys and canceled at the last minute. People close to Rihanna say she is slightly bruised up.

You know, rumors abound that Rihanna was messing around on Chris Brown and perhaps he couldn't take the humiliation and smacked her around for it. No matter who the woman was, Chris Brown hit a chick and that's not going to look good on his resume.


keta413 said...

i think that people who r going around saying that rihanna got beat up by chris brown need to get they info correct before they go around saying shit.o and i want to know did chris brown catch aids from rihanna cuz the word is going around about that to and if the shit isnt true who ever started the shit really need to get their information stright cuz that shit isnt even funny thats some real shit but um ducces thats all i wanted to say and i reallly want to find out if that is true.

shaunte said...

Alright this is to say to get correct info on the beating thing when you are being hypracritical by automatically assuming the Herpes or STD thing. Okay? So I thin kyou along with the others need to get the CORRECT INFO. I honestlly believe that Chris was in te wrong for what he did but I am still a fan and I never liked Rihanna but I still feel for her even though she shouldnt have slept with someone else and possibly caught somethin. They both in the wrong and everyone just needs to stop hatin on just on of em okay they both played a part!!!!And I believe that if you were in this position you would feel exactlly the way they are, it isnt cute to think girls getttin beat deserve it. One day you could get beat and nobody would be there and if there were thered still be someone sittin there sayin how much you deserved it. Howd tht make you feel? How would it feel to be given an STD and not even know you had it when you slept with ur man then find out later you had it. Shoulda used a condom huh? I think that whoever reads this next better think twice before insulting either of them. Be in their shoes for a minute and think bout it okay?


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