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February 13, 2009

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant Made Out

Is it just me or does Drew Barrymore seem like she's becoming more and more desperate for men's attention? This time, Hugh Grant is the victim and the two were spotted making out like rabid dogs at the Waverly Inn. Drew Barrymore is going through them like tampons during a heavy flow, huh?

And if making out with Hugh Grant weren't enough, he didn't ask her to head back to his hotel, so she mozied on down to the Beatrice Inn to hook up with Clive Owen who, I'm hoping, didn't make out with or sleep with her.

Drew Barrymore really needs to stop making out and clinging onto random celebrities because it just makes her seem somewhat, oh, I don't know, loser-ish. 

1 comment:

The_Brain said...

Poor girl, she deserves better than these douchebags she's been hanging out with lately (i.e Ed Westwick..)


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