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February 19, 2009

INXS Singer JD Fortune is Living in His Car

Rock Star: INXS winner JD Fortune was lucky enough to land the gig as frontman for Aussie band INXS considering he was living in his car before he landed the gig, but it seems that INXS has dropped the singer and he's back to living in his car once again.

JD Fortune admitted that he became a cokehead while with the band but broke free of the habit, but the band still fired him in Hong Kong via handshake. The band went one way and they left JD Fortune standing there all alone.

I'm pretty sure JD Fortune became a bit of a diva and the band just wasn't having it, and now JD Fortune is left to live in his car. I guess you live and you learn. And then you move into your Honda Civic.

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