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February 17, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Gets Rejected by Chace Crawford

I know that I seem to be on a Lindsay Lohan bender, but this chick just keeps making headlines with these newsworthy stories. Now, it seems, Lindsay Lohan has managed to get rejected from yet another man: Chace Crawford.

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan showed up at restaurant Southern Hospitality to harass Chace Crawford and friend Emile Hirsch, but after she showed up uninvited and caused a raucous, Chace Crawford left her there and headed back to his place to have some private fun.

But it seems that Lindsay Lohan didn't get the message and showed up at Chace Crawford's place at 6 a.m., obviously coming on to him. Not only did he rejected her, he made it very clear that she is never welcome anywhere near his place. Ah, what an idiot. Lindsay Lohan then got back on a plane and was off to see her second choice, vagina-laden Sam Ronson.

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