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February 24, 2009

Matthew McConaughey Signs Mishka to His Record Label

Okay, so I completely missed the boat on this one. I was so busy checking out Matthew McConaughey in his virtual nakedness everywhere he went, that I failed to figure out that there is an actual brain behind the brawn.

That's right; Matthew McConaughey is a smart guy. Not only is Matthew McConaughey a smart guy, but he has a new record label. And not only is Matthew McConaughey a smart guy with a new record label called jk livin; he just signed his first artist named Mishka.

Mishka's new album Above the Bones is fully in keeping with Matthew McConaughey's naked bongo playing and, considering Mishka is already out on tour, you might even get the chance to see Mishka perform alongside a naked Matthew McConaughey. Ah, one could only be so lucky.

So what kind of music does Mishka play? Well, it's a nice blend of chill reggae.

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