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February 11, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Was it Herpes or a Text Message?

Wow, are the rumors ever flying between what actually happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna that eventually led to Chris Brown giving Rihanna a black eye, among other things.

First, the rumor is that Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes after she cheated on him with some rapper. But then that rumor is refuted and another states that Chris Brown was caught flirting with Paris Hilton at the pre-Grammy party and then he received a text message from an ex-girlfriend. Rihanna lost it and, evidently, so did Chris Brown.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't one single thing that led to the beat down, but rather a handful of things that caused things to escalate to the point where they got violent.

If someone gave me herpes, yeah, I'd probably beat the crap out of them. And if someone was cheating on me, again, I'd probably give them a beat down. I'm not saying that what Chris Brown did was okay, but when someone sees red, they lose sight of consequences. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

chris brown is a bitch ass nigga an if dat was my sister i'd fuck him up or probly kill his bitch ass but on tha real if rihanna won't a real man not a boy tell her to holla

Anonymous said...

I found several English words in that last comment.

Anonymous said...

haha anonymous from february, ur a fucking goof u peice of white trash who u think you are fucking 50 cent, get real u fuck up, actin all tough and fucking hard u prolly got herpies all up and down yo punk ass. haha " holla" fucking pathetic

Anonymous said...

it's cool to be dumb. Sad, sad world we live in.


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