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March 17, 2009

Alex Rodriguez in Details

Alex Rodriguez has landed on the cover of Details after his steroid use has come to light, as well as the fact that he and Madonna are so over now that she's babysitting gorgeous Brazilian model Jesus Luz

On the cover of Details magazine, Alex Rodriguez poses fiercely under a heading that says "How Jesus Can Save Your Career." Now seriously, whoever dreamed that one up deserves a medal.

In the mag, Alex Rodriguez makes out with himself in a mirror, seems to wipe away some tears and even discusses Madonna on a very superficial level:

Well, we’re friends…I have a lot of respect for her…She’s very smart and she’s passionate about everything she does…if there ever was any situation, she’s a great ear to have, you know?

Yes, a great ear, a great butt, a great vagina, and she can body slam you like nobody's business. 

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