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March 20, 2009

Florida Panthers Fan Bares Breasts


Hockey is boring, I admit, but there are many women I know who die for the sport. I'm guessing that because hockey players no longer look like balding stinkers with no teeth and broken noses that women are beginning to notice some hotties on the ice.

At a Florida Panthers game on March 19, 2009, a Florida Panthers drunken female fan decided that baring her store bought breasts was a phenomenal idea. She even told the guy next to her that she was about to do it, and made sure to rub her nipples so they could be nice and firm for the camera.

And the camera guy surely knew she was about to flash her silicone but stayed on her and let the world see what a couple of beers and fake breasts can do to a woman. One small step forward for man, a helluva lot of steps back for the ladies. 

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