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March 27, 2009

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn't Know He Fathered a 4-Year-Old Boy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - that's Denny Duquette to those of you who only know him by his Grey's Anatomy name, and The Comedian for those of you who only know him by his Watchmen name - is the father to a 4-year-old boy.

That is not what makes this story bizarre... it's the fact that, up until a few weeks ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan had no idea he was a dad. Sherrie Rose, an actress and model revealed to US magazine that her son was actually fathered by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yup, that's how he found out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has since met the tyke and will hopefully become a staple in the boy's life. Wow, I guess that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a bad breaker-upper and never contacts his exes.

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