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March 6, 2009

Melissa Rycroft Reveals All on Ellen

Melissa Rycroft, the dumpee on The Bachelor's After the Final Rose show, was on Ellen this week and explained what actually transpired before the airing of the show and afterwards.

Melissa Rycroft admits that the feelings were mutual that it wasn't going to work between her and Jason Mesnick, but the betrayal came in because Jason Mesnick kept denying that Molly Malaney was the reason why.

But during the After the Final Rose show, Jason Mesnick finally told her that, yes, it was indeed Molly Malaney that was the reason why he no longer wanted to be with her and she got really pissed.

But all's well that ends well and Melissa Rycroft is now dating a guy who's ironically named Ty (that's the name of Jason Mesnick's son), and she admits that she never wants to be friends with Jason Mesnick or Molly Malaney. Good for her.

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