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March 10, 2009

Nadya Suleman Buys a $500,000 Home

Okay so the $1 million home I initially thought Nadya Suleman bought was actually just a place that Dr. Phil and friends rented so that he could do an interview with Nadya Suleman and further cement the fact that she is not balanced.

But Nadya Suleman did buy a $500,000 home that also has 4 bedroom and 3 baths, which begs the question: Where the hell are 14 kids supposed to sleep in a 4-bedroom home? I'm guessing Nadya Suleman has it all worked out.

Also, Nadya Suleman has decided to accept some help from Angels in Waiting, a 24-hour nursing service. Angels in Waiting is offering its services for free, and the services would normally cost $135,000 a month. Initially, Angels in Waiting refused to help Nadya Suleman because she wanted them to sign a contract that would have them agreeing to appear on a reality show. But now that that idea was nixed, Nadya Suleman called them back and asked them to come on over. Looks like Nadya Suleman may have some scruples after all.

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