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April 22, 2009

Howard Stern Exposes Beyonce Lip Syncing

Apparently Beyonce isn't really that good a singer live and Howard Stern proved it. Back in November 2008, Beyonce performed on the Today show and she really destroyed her song. 

Poor Beyonce, I wonder which enemy released this track to Howard Stern to expose Beyonce for the singer she really is. Wow, this is really going to hurt her. I always thought she was a fantastic singer, and I still do. 

From what I understand, if you know you're not singing live, you simply don't try as hard. And Beyonce is no different. So, will Howard Stern have Beyonce on to prove she can sing? I hope so.

And forthose of you who aren't familiar with the Enrique Iglesias fiasco, go to 3:10 on the video and you'll understand what Howard Stern is talking about.

UPDATE: It was all a freakin' hoax. Wow, some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands. And yes, I am one of them. 

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