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April 13, 2009

Chris Brown Dating Erica Jackson

Chris Brown wasted no time and managed to land himself a new girlfriend in Erica Jackson. Who the hell is Erica Jackson? Well, she's an ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown's that he hooked up with again when he went back to Virginia recently.

Chris Brown and Erica Jackson were dating well before he met Rihanna, and now the two are back in the saddle again. I'm guessing that his PR people suggested that he find a girlfriend fast so that he can slowly put his woman-beating past behind him by dating girls and not, well, beating them.

Sources say that Rihanna is going to be crying hysterically under her umbrella-ella-ella (sorry, had to work that in there) when she hears that Chris Brown moved on so quickly. Them's the breaks, huh?

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