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April 18, 2009

Here She Is: Mel Gibson's Mistress Oksana Pochepa

So Oksana Pochepa is the "mystery mistress" that Mel Gibson has been giving it to for the last little while. Oksana Pochepa recently did a very provocative shoot for the Russian version of Maxim magazine and is likely thrilled at the publicity all this Mel Gibson divorce fiasco is garnering her.

Not only is she sleeping with a filthy rich actor who has his own island, now Oksana Pochepa will be making money in her own right by taking off all her clothes and posing in men's magazines all over the world. I wonder if Mel Gibson would approve. 

So what do you think? More power to Oksana Pochepa, or will she become a distant memory in no time? I mean, remember Monica Lewinsky? Yeah... but then, this chick is hot.

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