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April 5, 2009

Sam Ronson Dumps Lindsay Lohan

Sam Ronson has finally caught on that Lindsay Lohan is nothing but dead weight. Yes, it's true that Sam Ronson got most of her DJing gigs because she was dating Lindsay Lohan, but now it seems that Lindsay Lohan is broke and useless in every way. That's right. Sam finally dumped Lindsay.

So Sam Ronson locked Lindsay Lohan out of her house on April 4, 2009, because, and I'm just guessing here, Lindsay Lohan is getting too expensive and useless for her own good. I think she may need an intervention. Where are Ben Affleck's people?!?

It may also be because Lindsay Lohan has been getting too close to Lily Allen, and not just as a "friend." Sam Ronson didn't just lock Lindsay out, she changed the locks. So Sam must mean business. That, or Lindsay just doesn't get the message.

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