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April 2, 2009

Suri Cruise Eating Flip Flop

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes were out and about in New York when, all of a sudden, Suri Cruise thought it would be a good idea to chew on her flip flops. And your question is, "Well, was she wearing them before that?" Yes, yes she was.

Suri Cruise was walking the very dirty streets of New York before she decided that eating her shoes was a scrumptious idea. And in Katie Holmes' defense, she can't see what her daughter is doing and I'm sure the pappos didn't say a word.

Nevertheless, that's probably the least harmless thing that Suri Cruise, or any toddler, will be putting in her mouth. I mean, I picked up gum off the street once and put it in my mouth. And I'm 34.

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