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May 4, 2009

David Hasselhoff Treated for Alcohol Poisoning

David Hasselhoff has already made a drunken fool of himself while his daughter taped his antics and posted them on the Internet for the world to see, which prompted his wife to leave him and never look back. 

Now, it seems, David Hasselhoff has not changed his spots and has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. And believe me, you have to drink a whole lot of alcohol to be treated for poisoning. His poor 16-year-old daughter, Hayley, is the one who found him unconscious and called her mom to come help him.

It's a shame that David Hasselhoff has not gotten his act together. Then again, it's possible that he simply fell off the wagon and went out on a binge because he got some bad news. Maybe he won't be hosting this season of America's Got Talent. The horra...

And by the by, this is the seventh time he's been taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning over the last few years. 

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