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June 9, 2011

Zuo Furniture Review

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and thought to yourself, oh my goodness, that would look perfect in my house? Well, so did I.

Zuo furniture review in Montreal

Little did I realize that Zuo Modern Contemporary in Montreal was about to feed a rage within with a mediocre product and the worst customer service ever.

I ordered three bar stools called Equino in white. They arrived almost as soon as I placed the order, which was great - if the Zuo product didn't suck so much.

So yeah, I called Zuo customer service and spoke to Michelle, who asked me to take pics, upload them and email them to her. I guess they need proof that I wasn't lying because, you know, there's a lot I can do with extra bases, one stool and some missing screws.

Needless to say, I did what she asked.

Zuo furniture in Montreal sucks

The replacement items were shipped within a week. This time, some things were wrong and the two replacement bases were also damaged. Enraged, I called Michelle at Zuo immediately.

Her response? "I'm not responsible for what the warehouse sends out." Lovely, and wow, way to represent your company. Zuo girl said that she would call me back. That never happened.

And as you can imagine, having 2 kids, a full-time job, and the little kinks that we call life, I sorta, kinda dropped the issue.

But the issue reared itself again when the middleman,, got involved.

Zuo Montreal has the worst customer service

Lo and behold, Michelle told BeyondTheRack that I was lying and never contacted her a second time. As you can imagine, Zuo girl left me enraged.

A new Zuo woman named Emmanuel contacted me this time and wow, what an attitude. First off, she exaggerated everything - using words like "never" and "a million times", so I knew that she was going to be as much of a pleasure to talk to as was the original Zuo girl I dealt with.

She said she would call me back in a few minutes and guess what? She never did, either. I'm guessing that's the MO at Zuo Modern Contemporary as a whole - "call you back" is just an expression.

She called the next day however, when I informed BeyondTheRack that I want nothing to do with these people. Apparently, they had shipped over the replacement parts without telling me.

Zuo furniture in Montreal employees are liars

When Zuo girl #2 called, I was on fire from knowing that Michelle accused me of lying, so as you can imagine, my vocabulary had become quite colorful upon answering the phone.

Then, Zuo girl #2 started off with another lie, "BeyondTheRack says you told them that I never spoke to you..." Fire was on.

So I laid into her about what a crappy company Zuo was and how their customer service was atrocious and that, because Michelle had accused me of lying, I was "f*ckin" enraged. Well, you won't believe what her retort was.

She said "I can't speak to you if you keep telling me to go f*ck myself." She confirmed that she was deluded. But it's true I should not have cursed.

Tell others not to buy Zuo Modern Contemporary furniture

Anyway, I told her that I wanted nothing more to do with them and that they could keep their crappy Zuo products and that I would deal with Zuo Modern Contemporary via the social media circuit. And that's where you come in...

Please take note that Zuo Modern Contemporary houses a mediocre product and that their customer service is awful. Zuo sucks. Zuo scams their clients with nice pictures. It's sort of a bait-and-switch.

So good luck, Zuo, you're going to need it.


Anonymous said...

Good Article

Joanna T. said...

Oh my God, I used this company too and you're so right, what an attitude! I can't stand being treated like they're doing me a favor when I'm spending a significant amount of money.

What losers. Thanks for the post.

Whatever said...

I used them, I mean, yeah they have a crappy product that's made in China, but then, what isn't? The service was n't awful, but I didn't try to return anything.


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