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October 18, 2007

Become A Business Leader

By Amanda Rice

It’s not easy to think like a leader, that’s probably because most women are not given, nor do we create the opportunity.

But all that could change if you can adopt the mentality of a leader. It is difficult, no doubt, because you are always required to go above and beyond the typical reaction to certain situations, but if you practice the following, not only will you begin to think like a leader, before you know it, you may actually become one.

Become a business leader tip #1
Learn discipline

It’s tough to be a disciplined woman when it seems like everything is working to make you give in to the easy way out. But whether it’s deciding to stay at work until you complete the project or go to the gym five days a week without fail, committing yourself to anything and following through each and every time will demonstrate your ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Become a business leader tip #2
Erase negative words
Words like “I can’t” or I’m unable to” need to be banished from your vocabulary. You need to believe in yourself and push yourself beyond what you imagine are your limits if you want to become a leader in all facets of your life. Every day, work a little harder, move a little faster… use baby steps to make huge strides.

Become a business leader tip #3
Find wisdom

Wise people listen a lot and speak very little. Not only does this give them an air of mystery, but when they do finally speak up, you can bet that everyone will want to hear what they have to say.

As well, being a good listener allows you to pick up some great advice and will help you learn more about those who surround you.

Become a business leader tip #4
Set an example

In a perfect world, others would do as we say and not as we do, but in reality, if you want to encourage those around you to set high expectations for themselves, then you need to make yourself the example for all of them.

Whether it’s showing up on time or putting together a high-quality presentation in a small amount of time, prove that it can be done and others will rise to the occasion.

Become a business leader tip #5
Accept nothing less than respect

If you allow anyone to walk all over you or treat you in a way that you wouldn’t treat others, those who witness this will begin to lose respect for you. And when it comes to leadership, respect and admiration come above all else.

If anyone tries to demean you in any way, call them on it in a very respectful manner and if they insist on being rude, then dismiss them from your life.

Become a business leader tip #6
Present a clean appearance
It’s an unfortunate reality for all of us, but we are, without a doubt, judged by our appearance. That said, you need to present yourself in a sharp, clean manner that leaves no room for negative judgment. Dress professionally, smell clean, look neat, and walk with confidence.

Become a business leader tip #7
Maintain calm

In the face of chaos, it is your responsibility to keep cool and keep everyone around you cool. If one of your colleagues loses the presentation or spills coffee all over the handouts, you will be the voice of reason and keep everyone around you from losing their marbles.

Of course, this is quite difficult to accomplish, especially if you tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve, but in due time, you can change your mindset and look at everything on the bright side.

Become a business leader tip #8
Look for solutions

In keeping with maintaining a cool, calm and collected front, it is also your duty to search for solutions to every problem that presents itself rather than point the finger at anyone.

If the problem persists with the same person, it is your job to confront the person in a private setting and find out what’s going on. You will not call someone on their mistakes in front of others because that breeds resentment and, as aforementioned, your objective is to gain everyone’s respect.

It’s time for women to lead

Being a leader is not an easy task; that is why there are so few of them. But if you can apply the above to all facets of your life, you will fall into leadership positions on every front.

And while it may require a lot of work on your part, in time, these habits will become like second nature to you and you will have the world coming to you for guidance.

Now get out there and lead.

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