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October 19, 2007

Music Reviews - Matchbox Twenty

By Staff

Exile on Mainstream is the DVD of the ages; it has all the awesome songs we've come to know and love by Matchbox Twenty, including "Bent," "Disease," "Push," and "Unwell."

If that weren't enough, add to that the MVI factor; you can see all the lyrics with every song selection, you can watch two "Behind the Disc" making of the album, and you can try the Nu-Myx and create your very own Matchbox Twenty music, which can then become your ringtone.

And if all that doesn't satisfy your MT needs, you can check out photos of the band, get yourself some IM icons and even choose a wallpaper.

But let us not forget what all this is really about: the music. Not only do you get the band's greatest hits; you get 6 brand spanking new songs - "How Far We've Come," "I'll Believe You When," "All Your Reasons," "These Hard Times," "If I Fall," and "I Can't Let You Go."

So feast your ears and, now, eyes, on one of the most talented bands of our era. Enjoy.

Best Song: "Can't Let You Go"
Best Video: Behind The Disc - 6 New Songs
Best Interactive Computer Feature: Nu-Myx
Visit to get your own copy.

LadyThrills Rating: 4 out of 5

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Matchbox Twenty and would buy anything they put out!


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