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October 14, 2007

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Vital Stats

Birth Name: Gerard James Butler
Birth Date: November 13, 1969
Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland
Height: 6’2”
Romantic Link: Not known

Gerard Butler Interesting Facts

Growing up, Gerard Butler sang in a band while he obtained his law degree at Glasgow University.

Gerard Butler’s father disappeared when he was only 2 years old and showed up again when he turned 16.

For his role in 300, Gerard Butler was working out 6 hours a day with two different personal trainers.

Gerard Butler Biography

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 3, 1969, to parents Edward and Margaret Butler, Gerard was just a baby when the Butlers, which included Gerard’s older brother, Brian, and sister, Lynn, moved to Montreal, Canada.

Unfortunately, Gerard’s parents separated soon afterwards, and his mother took the children to her hometown of Paisley, Scotland, when Gerard was only 2 years old.

Gerard Butler gets law degree

As a child, Gerard took an immediate interest in acting and made his first appearance on a stage at the age of 12 in Oliver. Gerard took the next steps to pursue his dream of becoming an actor by enrolling at the Scottish Youth Theater in Livingstone, but was discouraged by “career officers” and opted instead to go into law.
While his mother remarried, Gerard would remain estranged from his father until he was 16, at which point the two rekindled their relationship and became incredibly close. Sadly, Gerard’s father would pass away when he was into his 20s.

By this time, Gerard was already attending Glasgow University, majoring in law and serving as the president of the school’s law society, thanks to his good looks and outgoing personality.

Gerard Butler’s music band Speed

While he was a student, Gerard formed a band called Speed and served as the lead singer. After receiving his law degree, however, Gerard opted to revive his dream of becoming an actor (after he was fired from the law firm that hired him after only 1 week), and moved to London in 1995.

Without an agent’s help, by 1996, Gerard starred in 2 stage plays: Coriolanus and Trainspotting. His film debut came the next year in Mrs. Brown.

A small role in the 1997 Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies, got him a touch of notice all over the world, but it was his role in the 2001 U.S. TV movie Attila, in which Gerard got the lead, that got him noticed.

Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000

Before the TV movie was released, casting for Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000 was underway, and Gerard was hell bent on getting the role. Eventually, he got the role and the release of the Dracula 2000 and the TV movie Attila garnered Gerard a fan base that had the Net buzzing.

In 2003, Gerard starred alongside Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, and it was obvious that Gerard had finally arrived in the U.S. market.

The next year, Gerard got the lead role in the film version of The Phantom of the Opera, although his mask may have kept fans from taking full notice. The film did well and Gerard’s singing was praised by critics and fans alike.

Gerard Butler in 300

Although Gerard worked steadily every year, it wasn’t until the much hyped 2007 film 300 was set for release that everyone and their mother would do a double-take to get a better look at the man with the solid 6-pack and voice of authority. Gerard Butler was cast as King Leonidas of the Spartans, and his grueling workout regimen left him with the body of a god.

The epic film became a blockbuster and thrust Gerard into the spotlight like never before. After that, movie offers came pouring in, and Gerard is doing his best to keep up.

Gerard in The Untouchables: Capone Rising

2007 sees Gerard starring in Butterfly on a Wheel and P.S., I Love You, 2008 will show him off in Rocknrolla and Nim’s Island, and Gerard is also set to star in 2009’s The Untouchables: Capone Rising and Game.

On the personal front, Gerard divides his time between London, New York and Los Angeles and was rumored to be dating model Naomi Campbell. Word has it that he's now single.

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Anonymous said...

Gerard is no longer linked with Namoi Campbell......

Anonymous said...

I heard that he's single now...

Anonymous said...

GOOD!!!! Gerry Butler is way too good for her anyway. I think he's better off single. It makes me feel better & less gelious. Besides, without the love of women, he can focus on his work and precious pug Lolita. I hope to GOD that he never changes!!!!!! Hope he never gets a life time girlfriend, unless he really wants one, never quits acting, never stops showing his hilarious humor, & never stops just being Gerry. I cried when my english teacher told me that she heard Gerry was dating Diaz. It broke my heart to think it was true, but I knew it wasn't, but I still cried for 3 periods of school. STUPID RUMORS!!!!!!!!! Same with all those other rumors about Gerry dating other women. People need to realize that some guys, like Gerry, like to hang out w/ other women just as friends. Just because a man is seen w/ a woman DOESN'T have to mean that thier dating, so stop pushing it & saying stuff thats not true!!! Leave Gerry ALONE!!!!!!
Madalyn Banks

Anonymous said...

Okay, first off, Banks.
Are you seriously this ridiculously obsessed with Butler?
I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to marry this handsome delicate man and have your way with him each night?
But you are taking this over the top, you CRIED during school?
Jesus banks, get a grip on reality.
Never will Butler ever think about you and your silly antics, but he will never even know that you exist. How about taking a little time for yourself and turning the "I'm seriously troubled" notch down a bit.

Anonymous said...

HEY Anonymous,
I guess you never heard of sarcasm. When I said cried I wasn't serious, I was just mad. Sure, then I should have put mad instead of cried, I'll give you that, I'm just a drama queen & the last thing I am is obsessed. I'm just a fan. Sure I think he's hot & has great humor & great talent, but I don't want to marry him or have my way w/ him every night. Now that's obsessed & creepy. Don't you hate when people write things about gerry that are not true, i do & your doing it to me now. I never was obsessed & never will be. The only thing I was ever obsessed with was getting good grades & art. I make a lot of money of my art too, designing tattoos & drawing self portraits for people. I am in reality & it's the only time I stay in. YES, I know that my chances of meeting him are more than slim, but that doesn't make it impossible. So, don't say stuff like "I'm trouble" when I'm not & you don't even know me. I would like it if you took your rude comments down a notch. P&TY. & I don't care if Gerry knows i exist or not, all I know is I'm just another one of his fans that knows he exists. So, BACK OFF!!!! & don't say stuff about people you don't know is true or not. Cause that last comment you made to me wasn't, it was a lie. Once again, I'm not obsessed, just a fan & that's all I'll ever be to Gerry Butler.


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