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October 13, 2007

Stylish Strap Sandals

By Ellen Shear

Let’s face it: High heels may not be the ideal shoe for everyday wear, but they can turn an ordinary-looking leg into a smoking hot gam and make men wish they could climb up that thigh with both hands.

Of course, sometimes your toes are just begging for a rest and sometimes the heels you’ve got on have blistering effects all over your feet, but just as you’re about to swear off heels forever, there, in the window, is the perfect shoe to go with your timeless little black dress. Life is good again.

The beauty of spring and summer is that they allow us to give our feet a much needed breather and a glimpse into the sunshiny days with the help of strap sandals. That said, check out some stylish heels that won’t soon go out of style, and won’t make your feet angry at you.

Black Strap Sandal
Boasting a 4.1” heel, and made of black patent leather with gold clasps, these uber-sexy strap sandals are steady and leave you with a lot of breathing room. Versatile and easily matched with any handbag and outfit, you can show them off with a sexy mini-skirt or make a subtle statement by wearing them with long pants.

Wear them with: A sexy asymmetrical dress, or your low-rider jeans and a sexy sheer top.

Ankle Platform Strap Sandal
With its 3.7” heel, this sexy shoe comes in ivory crocodile, brown crocodile, or even a brown and white orchid print fabric, and the studs on the platform only add character to a shoe with some serious attitude.

Wear them with: A high-end pair of jeans or Capri pants.

Silver Heel Strap Sandals
With a 4”, silver-metal heel with an embossed rose, these strap sandals put the sex in sexy and will complement anything you put on, especially if you opt to wear nothing but the shoes. The leather sole and padded lining ensure comfort (as good as comfort can get with heels, that is), and the crinkled woven silk upper definitely makes this shoe perfect for eveningwear.

Wear them with: A silky evening gown and some diamonds (cubic zirconias aren’t so bad, either).

Wooden Strapless Sandals
Although some people cannot bear to wear shoes that have anything remotely resembling flowers on them, others jump right into that springtime feeling and get on board with the bright, lily-like feel of the season. That said, these 4.5” heel, wooden sandals, appropriately garnished with a golden flower are just perfect for that flowing skirt and warm breeze day you’ve been waiting for.

Wear them with: A flowing, knee-length skirt with a Bohemian top.

Pewter Slingbacks
These dark pewter 3.5” slingback heels are perfect for those warm evenings that call for a casual but sexy outfit. Because the heel is not incredibly high, you can spend the evening dancing your heart out in them, thanks in part to their breathability factor.

Wear them with: A one-piece, plunging-neckline, body-hugging dress with a shimmery necklace and earrings.

More shoes to come

If you’re anything like me, high heels are a welcome addition to your closet on a bi-weekly basis. And worry not; shoe manufacturers aren’t planning on terminating the line anytime soon, so look for me in a couple of weeks.

I’ll be back with more amazing shoes soon enough.

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