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January 18, 2008

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Jennifer Love Hewitt Cellulite

A while ago, Jennifer Love Hewitt lost it on the bloggers for calling her a fat ass. And although she claims to be a size 2, her body proportions say otherwise. She's small on the top and quite large on the bottom. But alas, I digress. The point is that Jennifer Love Hewitt has been plagued with the orange peel.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Love is a beautiful woman, a great actress/singer, and stupid number on a clothes tag will ever change that. Celebrities are under constant scrutiny and are always being critisised, even if it doesnt bother them personally, it causes insecurities in other people. SHOUT-OUT TO JLH!!!! (Im only 15 but i still think it's really wrong!) xx Lolly xx

Anonymous said...

She looks fine to me. Also, she could easily be a size 2. She is rather short.


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