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March 10, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling - March 10, 2008

Meet Matt Grant, the new star attraction of The Bachelor: London Calling. Because all the American bachelors can't seem to stick to the actual woman they pick, and the last bachelor actually didn't pick anyone, ABC has decided to go across the pond and snag itself a Brit who is, hopefully, less commitment shy. That, and that great accent.

Matt Grant is 27, a global financier, and is desperate to start a family as soon as possible... or so they say. Apparently, his dad had a stroke in 2006, and Matt Grant wants to settle down and have kids so they can get to know their grandfather before it's too late. Stay tuned as I give you a weekly rundown of what's going on and how the 25 chicks make complete asses of themselves trying to vie for his attention in my play by play.

The show airs on March 17, 2008, so I will have all the info you need the following day. Later beauties.

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