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March 14, 2008

Entertainment News - March 14, 2008

Since Lindsay Lohan can't find any real work, she's decided that she's going to create her own line of leggings. (dListed)

Kim Kardashian tells MTV that every boyfriend she has ever had has cheated on her. Poor thing, life is sooo tough. Maybe she shoudl go into her closet full of Christian Louboutin shoes and cry it out while watching her sex tape. (Celebrity Rumors)

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to stay so thin? Well, mix one part cocaine (Lindsay Lohan), two parts Adderall (Paris Hilton), three parts cigarettes (Katherine Heigl), four parts water (Beyonce), and five parts laxatives (all of them), and you will have yourself the perfect, albeit stinky, body. (IDLYITW)

A survey taken shows that most school children wish to be Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. David I can understand... but Victoria? Really? She looks like she constantly needs to oil herself to stop from creaking (ICYDK)

Cindy Crawford's children are the spitting image of her. (Showbiz News)

Tyra Banks had her latest models wear slabs of meat for a photo shoot, so naturally PETA went ape sh*t. (Gone Hollywood)

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