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March 14, 2008

Stylish Yoga Shoes

By Ellen Shear

When it comes to yoga shoes, whether you use them for actual yoga or just to spend your day walking around in them, more often than not, your objective is comfort. And if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of putting on those bulky running shoes with those all-too-colorful stripes.

Lucky for us, today’s stylish yoga shoes allow for both comfort and style without our having to wonder what the hell we’re going to wear with pink-striped shoes.

Keep in mind, however, that casual yoga shoes are not meant for strenuous exercise or running. The following shoes are meant for casual strolls in a mall or a romantic walk with the man you want to spend your life with. And, of course, yoga and pilates.

Note: All shoes can be found at

Puma Criatura Strap
These yoga shoes are not just stylish, with their blue leather and unique closure; they’re also incredibly comfortable.

These shoes offer a low-profile silhouette and assure easy functionality, allowing you to slip them on in seconds and be on your way.

Whether or not you take yoga, these shoes will make you feel so lightweight, you’ll think you can fly (just don’t try it).

Adidas Yoga Vario Suede
With their very pleasant (and unmistakably Adidas) design, these gorgeous shoes offer a direct-injected outsole for favorable fit and comfort, and their suede leather look will leave your friends wondering if they’re sleek or sporty.

Although you probably can’t tell just from looking at the picture, these yoga shoes are incredibly light, and if you want to live it up a little, other colors available include pink with gray stripes or vice versa. Get yourself a pair today.

Reebok Classic Zan-Chi
With a soft fabric lining and smooth leather upper with contrast stitching, these shoes were designed to ensure a customized and comfortable fit every time.

Because the cushioned soles are designed for all day comfort, these shoes allow for maximum flexibility, so when you finally decide to take that Power Yoga class, you don’t have to go barefoot.

Fila Performance Elementi
Created with the yoga enthusiast in mind, the materials used to create the Elementi (coconut micro-fiber and memory foam) work together to provide relief from foot and leg pain.

With their leather upper and mesh detailing, these shoes also allow for easy entry, which is great if you’re always on the run.

Asics Enstacy
Weighing in at a measly 5 ounces each, these aesthetically pleasing shoes may not restore harmony into your life (that’s what Enstacy means), but whatever drama you may be dealing with, these shoes will keep you looking good while you work it all out.

With their pale pink hue and pretty but not-too-girly design, these shoes would make the perfect addition to yoga pants and a sexy little tank top.

Fila Performance Incanto
Just by looking at this shoe, you can tell that its inspiration came from the ballet shoe. What sets these shoes apart is the fact that they’re infused with essential oils, and offer up the benefits of Aromatherapy. And if that weren’t enough, they even contain aloe vera to moisturize your feet while you wear them.

Made with nappa leather, these low-profile lookers provide comfort, moisture and a pleasant odor, things you normally wouldn’t expect from a pair of shoes, huh?

If the yoga shoes fit

Strappy sandals are sexy, no doubt, but the right pair of yoga shoes, coupled with an outfit that shows off all your curves can serve to make many a man salivate as you walk on by in your sleek new shoes.

Work it, girl.

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