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March 20, 2008

Entertainment News - March 20, 2008

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing on the cover of People magazine with her twins, Max and Emme. Luckily Marc Anthony is nowhere to be seen. And hopefully the kids take after their mom.

There's an arrest warrant out for Shia LeBouef becuase he didn't show up to court to deal with charges that he was caught smoking on the sidewalk near a place that clearly did not allow it. Ooh, he's a badass that Shia. (CelebNewsWire)

Ay-yigh-yigh... now even Lindsay Lohan has a sex "tape" (it was filmed on a cell phone) leaking all over the Net to further slam that nail into the coffin of her shrinking career. Who knows, maybe porn is actually her calling. Hey, Calum Best called it. (Egotastic)

Hilary Duff has been working out and you can see it in her abs of steel. (Hollywood Tuna)

It's official: Winona Ryder is a kleptomaniac. Now she's stealing makeup from drugstores. (dListed)

Amy Winehouse posed nude for charity, but I don't think anyone really wants to see her naked. (Gone Hollywood)

Prepare to see hooker Ashley Dupre in all her naked glory once Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis releases the tape of her partying naked in one of his vans for her 18th birthday. Man, our generation really has no grasp of consequences.

Watch Ashley Dupre on the Girls Gone Wild video below.

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