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April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back Recap - April 9, 2008

Let me say that it was definitely an interesting night and you should donate even if you didn't see the show. 1-877-IDOL-AID or go to to donate.

So we started off the show with the killer dance troop from So You Think You Can Dance and they were amazing, to say the least.

Then I'm not certain what happened because I left the room for a while, but when I returned, Teri Hatcher was singing "Before He Cheats" and her costar was strumming the guitar. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and yes, she did a terrible job.

Then Miley Cyrus and Billy Crystal met up on stage and took up 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Never. Then she sang and changed the channel until she was done. I know everyone loves her but she annoys me. Her and that nasty white tongue of hers.

Then Ryan Seacrest introduced Bono who was in Africa talking to the people. It was very touching and moving.

Then Fergie came on stage and sang "Finally" with John Legend on piano. Then she introduced Heart who sang Barracuda, and Fergie came out to sing and show the fat lead singer just how mobile she could be.

After that, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham came on asking for donations. David is really better seen and not heard, but if you looked over at Victoria every time he spoke, you'd think that she coached him. It was bizarre.

We then went back to Bono in Africa and after he was done talking to a young child, he introduced Annie Lennox who was in the southern part of Africa with 4 brothers. She broke down crying, which made me break down and then she was on the Idol stage singing "Rivers to Cross."

After Celine Dion came and went, Jimmy Kimmel came on stage to introduce Simon Cowell and man, did he ever bash him good.

Carrie Underwood showed up and did a fantastic rendition of George Michael's "Praying for Time." She's awesome.

Gloria Estefan and Shiela E. got on stage to sing "Get on Your Feet" which was hella boring.

Sarah Silverman cracked me up as she introduced Forest Whitaker and his wife who were in Africa. I must say that I cried profusely during this segment because I saw a little baby with tubes all over her face because she contracted malaria from a mosquito. It was gut-wrenching.

Then Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain was gracious enough to donate $200 million on behalf of GB. That was awesome. George Bush really doesn't have the money to spare.

Reese Witherspoon then visited with a family in the US.

The Idol group got off phone duty long enough to sing "Seasons of Love" for the crowd and was lauded for it.

Dane Cook came on stage and despite his being a comedian, didn't do any funnies, but he did introduce Alicia Keys who was in Africa. Of all the people who went to Africa, Alicia was the only one whose sunglasses could've paid for half of the necessities for those poor people. Not to mention she was wearing more makeup than Cover Girl.

Miley Cyrus performed again so, as you can imagine, I changed the channel until she was done. Then Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus went to his hometown in Kentucky to hang out with a family who needed help.

Ryan Seacrest introduced the Russian Idol who ended up being none other than Robin Williams and he was freakin' hilarious.

As the show was about to come to a close, David Spade came out and introduced Brad Pitt in New Orleans, and then he showed up on stage and the crowd went ballistic. He's still got it.

Brad introduced Daughtry in Uganda and they sang a beautiful song called "What About Now?" and the whole crowd there joined in. It was great.

Finally, Mariah Carey closed up the show with a song called "Fly Like A Bird." The song sucked, she sucked, and it was so obvious that she was just there to push her new album. Scab.

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