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April 14, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 14, 2008

And then there were 4. Tonight's episode of The Bachelor London Calling wasn't anything monumental, but it was good nonetheless.

To start, all the girls were flown to Sun Valley, Idaho for some skiing and apres ski with Matt Grant. Upon meeting up with him, all the girls started a snow fight with Matt, who was more than happy to make each and every one of them eat it.

His one on one date was with Chelsea, the sexy girl who happens to be a tomboy. She seemed too much like a friend to Matt rather than a sexy girl, and to top it off, she told him that she hated PDA, especially holding hands in public. It seemed to turn him off, but then they went back to his room and I think she changed his mind with her sucking abilities. By kissing, of course.

The group date included Robin, Marshana, Shayne, and Amanda, and while both Marshana and Amanda had never skiied before, Amanda took to it pretty easily. Marshana, however, sucked.

Shayne was the most alluring of all of them, and while she was spending time lying in the snow with Matt, demon girl Robin showed up and took over, pissing Shayne, as well as Matt, off.

The last one on one date was with Noelle, the girl who looks like Alyson Hannigan. She seemed aloof and shy the whole time, but after they finished skating, which they both sucked at, by the way, they went back to his room and talked and made out like animals.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Marshana started talking her stupid nonsense and Robin started arguing with her. Just then, Chelsea popped in with how negative Marshana always was, and Marshana lost her shizz. She started yelling and waving her arms in the air like a psycho. Chelsea walked away but Marshana followed her and kept on arguing like an idiot.

During the pre-rose ceremony, Marshana spent her alone time with Matt going off abotu Chelsea, which is quite stupid. You'd think these girls would learn a thing or two from watching past shows, but no, they stay just as stupid as the first time.

Just before we went to commercial, Chris Harrison, the host, says his usual, "It's the most dramatic rose ceremony yet." So I was expecting to see shoes flying across the room, a mental breakdown or two, you know, typical meltdowns.

Then, it was time for the rose ceremony. Matt chose:


Which meant that Marshana and Robin were sent home. Robin?!?! I thought she was going to go apesh*t, but she just said "bon soir" (I'm guessing to show how worldly she is) and then broke down in front of the camera.

Marshana kept talking about how awesome she was and tripped on her way out.

It was an entertaining evening.

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