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April 14, 2008 1st Annual
25 Sexiest Men In the World 2008

Welcome to’s 1st Annual 25 Sexiest Men in the World.

So, what exactly makes a man sexy? Well, you can pinpoint the obvious: great body, great face, a touch of raw sexuality, and a whole lot of swagger.

But there’s also that certain something you can’t pinpoint, but you know that when you’re in their presence, you can easily imagine them ravishing you, tearing off your clothes to get to your flesh and finally giving you an orgasm with something as simple as a kiss.

I’m already hot and bothered so let’s get started, shall we?

Sexiest men in the world #25
Adam Levine

The frontman for Maroon 5, it’s true that Adam Levine isn’t your typical buff celebrity, but if you have ever seen him in one of his music videos, like “This Love” or “She Will Be Loved,” you’d know that this man oozes sex from every pore. It doesn’t hurt that he has the greatest eyes, either.

Sexiest men in the world #24
Ryan Reynolds

When it comes to his movie choices, Ryan Reynolds really doesn’t know his pecs from his abs, and the same could be said for his choices in women, but this boy has a body women could love for months, if not years. His face has an understated sexiness and his sense of humor makes it all the more obvious that he can make you laugh and orgasm… perhaps simultaneously.

Sexiest men in the world #23
Clive Owen

With a voice that can magically get women to remove their underwear, Clive Owen simply has to look at you with those beautiful eyes and that 5 o’clock shadow, and you know that he can take you to bed and make you want to stay there with him all week. He has a face that’s easy to love and an attitude that most of us lust after.

Sexiest men in the world #22
Milo Ventimiglia

Oh, my, God. From the moment I spotted Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes, I knew he had something special to offer me. He knew it too, so he started working out and returned for season 2 looking all kinds of buff and sexy. I guess finding out that women adore you will provide you with the incentive you need to develop a 6-pack.

Sexiest men in the world #21
Olivier Martinez

Yes, yes, yes! When Olivier Martinez was introduced to the US via Unfaithful with Diane Lane, you knew that women all over North America would be fantasizing about him. The lover he portrays in the film shows the potential lover he could be in reality if you just gave him the chance to sniff up your skirt. Very sexy indeed, n’est-ce pas?

Sexiest men in the world #20
Lenny Kravitz

He can sing, he can dance, he can talk, and damn can he be sexy. Lenny Kravitz may have some serious issues with monogamy, but I’m not here to play judge and jury, I’m here to point out what makes this dude sexy. Whether he sports his dreads or that puffy afro, Lenny Kravitz can have any woman he wants whenever he wants. And I don’t think any of us would object.

Sexiest men in the world #19
Prince Harry

Okay, perhaps redheads aren’t your cup of tea. I have to admit, when he was growing up, I thought he was going to turn out to be pretty ugly. But it seems that this man has not only become hotter than his brother William (who seems a tad effeminate if you ask me), he also seems to be quite a sexual being. And I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want to sleep with a Prince who knows what he’s doing in the sack.

Sexiest men in the world #18
Justin Timberlake

He brought “SexyBack” and it’s no joke. Justin Timberlake was sexy from his days with ‘N Sync, we just weren’t allowed to say so because he was 14. Now that he’s a man, we have full license to fantasize and love him in all the ways that we can dream up. If dancing tells you anything about a man, it’s obvious that Justin knows a position or two in the sack.

Sexiest men in the world #17
Eddie Cibrian

He can’t seem to land a TV role that places him in McDreamy status, but Eddie Cibrian is a gorgeous man who would make a phenomenal lover. He has a great body, a great face and dimples that we can stare at and kiss all day long. You can tell he works hard on his fitness and I wouldn’t mind being the weight he has to lift or the bench he needs to lie on.

Sexiest men in the world #16
James McAvoy

Although my first encounter with James McAvoy was in The Chronicles of Narnia, he quickly proved himself a worthy lover with roles in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement. He has an understated sex appeal and he looks like the kind of man who’d be up for anything in bed. And that’s a terrific way to love.

Sexiest men in the world #15
Gerard Butler

I’ll admit that I barely knew Gerard Butler before 300, but you can bet that I never forgot him afterwards. Not only is he all kinds of sexy, he’s also funny, easy on the eyes and ridiculously intelligent. And he can play rough and tough, or loving and kind, and we still want him for it. Not to mention, he doesn’t mind being lusted after for his body. And booty.

Sexiest men in the world #14
Brad Pitt

Even though he’s well into his 40s, Brad Pitt still looks as fit and sexy as ever. And there’s no doubt he can sizzle it up between the sheets. With that great voice and sexy smile, he could probably get you to do anything he wanted in bed. Or on the kitchen counter. Brad Pitt will always be the apple of our fantasies.

Sexiest men in the world #13
David Gandy

You may not have heard his name very often, but you have definitely seen David Gandy's package in a Dolce & Gabbana or Calvin Klein ad. He looks like the kind of man who can sex you well into Sunday and beyond. And what woman wouldn’t want to be romanced by this stunning creature of a man?

Sexiest men in the world #12
Eric Bana
He has eyes that can pierce right through you and a body that will have you wishing he would. Eric Bana has played everyone from King Henry VIII to the Hulk, and all the while women worldwide keep falling head over heels for him. And no wonder, add that accent of his to his utter sex appeal and you have yourself one of the ultimate sex symbols.

Sexiest men in the world #11
Christian Bale

Although he didn’t play a normal everyday man in American Psycho, it was evident that Christian Bale had sex appeal written all over him. Another Englishman who has the walk, talk and body that most women would love to covet, it’s easy to understand why he is one of the sexiest men in the world, and then some.

Sexiest men in the world #10
Ryan Phillippe

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, where have you been all my life? It seems like Ryan Phillippe likes to downplay his sex appeal in movies, but we can all tell that it’s part of his being. Ryan is a sex machine and we all want a ride. He’s a great actor, of course, but I’m certain he’s an even better lover.

Sexiest men in the world #9
Julian McMahon

I remember when Julian played Ian on Another World… I thought he was gorgeous then as well. Now, as the sex-crazed Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck, I simply can’t get enough. He is so sexy and penetrating with those eyes that it’s a wonder he has no stalkers. There’s nothing most women wouldn’t do to get him into their beds. And into other places as well.

Sexiest men in the world #8
Tyson Beckford

Male model extraordinaire, Tyson Beckford is welcome to take me any which way he wants any time he feels like it, and I’m sure you feel the same. With those thick juicy lips, that chocolate skin and muscles that confirm that he can wrap our legs around his waist while he does his thing standing up definitely make this luscious man one of the absolute sexiest in the world. And then some.

Sexiest men in the world #7
Tyler Christopher

If you don’t watch General Hospital then you probably haven’t seen much of Tyler Christopher, but that doesn’t have to keep you from imagining him taking you into his arms while he makes wild love to you all afternoon. Eva Longoria’s ex-husband is tall, dark and handsome, and easily fits into any fantasy you might have. So enjoy.

Sexiest men in the world #6
Patrick Dempsey

He was a skinny, awkward boy who grew up to become one of the sexiest men in the world. All it took was 20 odd years. Now Patrick Dempsey, better known as McDreamy, certainly has his fair share of admirers, and all it took was one glimpse of him having passionate sex on Grey’s Anatomy. Not to mention his romantic comedy Made of Honor.

Sexiest men in the world #5
Johnny Depp
Even though he’s about to marry his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, it’s impossible not to fall in complete lust with Johnny Depp. He hasn’t aged since 21 Jump Street and he has the wit and sexiness it takes to keep a woman wanting his body for life. Sexy with a bit of grunge to him, Johnny is one of those men you would happily strip for before ravishing him.

Sexiest men in the world #4
David Beckham

While I strongly believe that David Beckham should be seen and not heard, it still doesn’t stop him from making it onto LadyThrills’ list of Sexiest Men in the World. He has this look that tells you that his body is dripping with sex and, if you’re ready to go all night, he’s willing to show you how easily he can satisfy your every need. It’s all good.

Sexiest men in the world #3
Jake Gyllenhaal
Ah, Jake Gyllenhaal; the man who has lived in my fantasies since the moment I laid eyes on him in The Day After Tomorrow. Not only does he seem like the kind of man you could really fall in love with, he also has this look about him like he’s made to have sex… and often. With me.

Sexiest men in the world #2
Gabriel Aubry

Born in Montreal, you know that Gabriel Aubry has a French tongue that he can easily use to seduce you into oblivion. Add to that the fact that he is so incredibly sexy and you have got yourself a male model that any woman on earth would give up all her shoes for. He’s one of those men we can only dream of finding in our bed.

Sexiest men in the world #1
Cristiano Ronaldo

If you have never watched soccer (or football, as they refer to it everywhere else in the world), I’m certain you have still heard of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he is not perfect looking by any means, one has to admit that this man was born to be fantasized about. His face has sex written all over it and his body just seduces women into idol worship. There’s no doubt that, at only 23 years old, Cristiano is 2008’s Sexiest Man in the World. Be sure to check him out during this year’s Euro Cup.

I know what you're thinking; Where the hell is George Clooney?!? Well, while I agree that George is a nice looking man with wit and charm, he simply does not strike us as a sexy, raw lover. But then, we may be wrong. Who else did you think was missing from this list? Let us know. Til next year!


Wendy said...

Oh my God! No latin men on this list!!!! What about Rodrigo Santoro, Chayanne, Carlos Ponce...I could go on and on and on......

Anonymous said...

Where is Tom Brady??? He should be at the top. He's HOT!

Anonymous said...

where's daniel craig...........???
he's d hottest of alll

god...dint ya see that hot body of his gettin out of d water???

Anonymous said...

No Latin Men? What do you think Cristiano is? He's Latin Girl! Maybe you meant Latino??

Anonymous said...

Wow,Cristiano Ronaldo on first place!I don't like him very much,but whatever,he's really hot!That's sure!But I know somebody hotter than him,Eddie Cibrian!Come on,post commenTS to :

Anonymous said...

Great list! Thanks for getting #1 right-Cristiano Ronaldo is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

where's dingdong dantes? you said he's one of the 25 sexiest men in the world 2008?

Unknown said...

Dingdong Dantes can be found here...

We never said Dingdong Dantes was one of the 25 Sexiest Men in the World, that must've been from another list you were looking at. Sorry. Staff

Anonymous said...

i bet if they can stay one woman in thier life........but your right thjey are damn sexy........but where is Tom Garcia anyway?

Anonymous said...

Robert Pattinson is one of the worlds sexiest men.. so where is he? ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and hugh laurie ?? he's smoking hot .. i just can't believe he isn't in this list ... :S

Anonymous said...

Ryan Reynolds #24????????? Behind "Johnny someone please get him some pecs" Depp???
Hon, what ever your somkin... its time to put down the bong!
But thank you for NOT putting clooney on there I thought I was the only one in the world who didn't go nuts over him.
Just one "Where is he.." Hugh Jackman, sings, that bod dances, hellacious bod, can open any jar with those claws, bod like a brick $!t house, dedicated dad, oh yeah, he has a nice body as well

Anonymous said...

well there are many men missing:
justin martin (the singer)
zac efron
and also some german ones...
robert pattinson (but well it's the list of 2008, isn't it, he was there 2009)
but also some others...
adam garcia for example

Anonymous said...

yo like wheres TAYLOR LAUTNER?????? And thinks rob pattinson is sexy???

Anonymous said...

What about Viggo Mortensen? Yes, he's over forty but that means he is EXPERIENCED! He's the one that could teach all those youngsters on your list a few tricks!
And RIGHT ON to James McAvoy! A real guy with intelligence, quirky humor, sexy accent and smooth moves!

Anonymous said...

Who are these losers? They look slimy, not sexy? I certainly do agree with Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Philippe. The rest are just not that sexy. Maybe David Beckham. Brad Pitt is attractive, but sexy? He seems to be more about diapers then grown up ladies these days anyhow.

Anniyaaa said...

Where is wentworth miller ? :(


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