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June 30, 2008

Entertainment News - June 30, 2008

The drink featured in Ben Stiller's upcoming movie Tropical Thunder, Booty Sweat, is going to become an actual drink. The flick is set for release in August 2008; the drink soon after. (I'm Not Obsessed)

In what I can only call laughable news, it seems calorie-free Nicole Richie wants to pen her own cookbook. I mean, are the recipes for celery sticks and baby carrots all that difficult? (CelebNewsWire)

Rapper Nas wrote a song dedicated to FOX news and Rupert Murdoch. Wow. (Jossip)

Pamela Anderson called Jessica Simpson a bitch and a whore during a radio interview in Australia. Well, she should know. (dListed)

Apparently, Will Smith's upcoming Hancock is a piece of crap and the fact that rumors are flying that he's a Scientologist aren't helping his cause. (IDLYITW)

Word has it that Anne Hathaway actually sold out her ex-boyfriend, Raffaelo Follieri, to the Feds; in exchange they arrested him when she was out of the country. (ICYDK)

Enrique Iglesias admits that he and Anna Kournikova were married for a year but are divorced now. Seriously? (CeleBitchy)

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