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August 11, 2008

John Mayer Admits to Dream Cheating

At a recent concert in California, John Mayer told his audience that he has dreamt of making out with other women while dating Jennifer Aniston. Needless to say, you could just imagine Jennifer's reaction to that comment.

Word has it that John then proceeded to make up for his stupid comment by singing "Dreaming with a Broken Heart." and the two are believed to be back to bliss.

Do you think this relationship will last? I sure as hell don't. John Mayer is likely not thinking about marriage and kids; and that's all Jen can think about. Add to that the stress of competing against Brad Pitt, and all the groupies who follow him around, and you can bet he's going to bolt real soon.

And I'm sure that when Jennifer Aniston discovers that John planted a kiss on his opening act Colbie Caillat during a song they performed together on August 2, 2008 in Woodlands, Texas, she's gonna be hella pissed.

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