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August 29, 2008

Michael Phelps Carrie Underwood Dating

It's one thing that Michael Phelps is slated to not only host NBC's Saturday Night Live and guest star on HBO's Entourage; he has also managed to land a date with Carrie Underwood, who recently revealed that she thought the freak swimmer was "cute."

The two have been texting each other and Michael Phelps insisted that their first date not involve eating because "I’m not so sure you’d want to see me eat! It might not make a great first impression." I'm guessing he eats like a savage.

So I wonder how all this will turn out... I'm guessing it will go nowhere because, well, Michael Phelps just doesn't seem like a normal guy and all this fame will likely go straight to his head, and not the one with the brain in it. And that will not go over well with Carrie Underwood.


Anonymous said...

wow obviously you never saw the interview with him and his mother the guy is a mommas boy you think he has the idea to start making sex videos and accidentally get released into the public. this is the real world hunnie the fame didn't go to his head last time it wont now. not all guys are jerks and date women just to get some action. scary as it is many guys like girls and want to settle down. Hey if she is beautiful and fun why not, regardless if she has buckets of money. Jessica Simpson and tony are doing great and he is a jerk obviously by his interviews. i came across this article on google and read it sorry i don't mean to rain on your man bashing website. Don't forget there are some good ones out there and i hate to hear this kind of stuff said about a good man and a great athlete.

Anonymous said...

If Carrie has a couple dates with him and says he's wonderful. That should mean he has cleared most required social standards. Courtship is what needs to happen for Lady Underwood. Short or long, with her parent's approval, marriage may not be so distant. I think Carrie is looking for a Forever Man. He must have Forever on his mind and in his words. He should have ONE mutual Friend with Carrie. I wish the best for Carrie. Sherwood.

Anonymous said...

NO! she cant be dating him. that is my future husband...thats all i have to say, lol.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to see that Miss Underwood is dating another swimmer, (and not me) I'm glad it's Mr. Phelps. Best of luck to them.

If Ms. Underwood should ever read this, I'm still available.

(Curses, I'll have to change my plans from meeting, dating, and marrying Ms. Underwood to slinking back to anonimy)

Anonymous said...



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