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September 10, 2008

Jessica Alba Baby Pictures

Everyone blasts Jessica Alba for never smiling at the camera and now, it seems, her baby girl Honor has followed in her mother's footsteps and deplores the pappos as well.

While I can understand that most any person wouldn't be too keen on having hundreds of photogs in their face snapping away wildly, giving them no space to move, this is the life that Jessica Alba has chosen, and so long as the pappos aren't climbing their fences to get to their houses, public places are fair game.

So while I wish that beuatiful Jessica Alba would crack a smile every once in a while, I really get that she's never happy when the photogs come around. And now her daughter Honor is going to hate them as well.

Meanwhile, check out pictures of Jessica Alba's beautiful baby girl Honor.

1 comment:

nicole said...

hay jessica, you dont know me but i am a huge fan! i love all your movies ,you did, i am 12 years old ,my name is nicole marie martin, your baby is so cute, her name is honor right? thats such a cute name. it must be hard to take care of a little baby ,being that you are a first time mother. i wish you the best, you will do great!!!! love you always...nicole.


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