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September 9, 2008

Justin Timberlake William Rast Movie

If you haven't heard of William Rast, it's Justin Timberlake's and best friend Trace Ayala's fashion line and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. But what's even cooler is that Justin Timberlake has this William Rast persona that is more like a Natural Born Killer and he is filming bits and pieces of it and teasing his fans. And he is so great at teasing his fans...

In the short clips, a smoking and cursing Justin Timberlake is William Rast, and he and his girlfriend are two rebels without a cause. We still don't know what they've done and why they're running, but they are dressed to the nines at all times.

I kinda like this new William Rast character that Justin Timberlake has dreamed up. It's a nice change from what I'm used to seeing from him. This makes him all the more sexy.

Watch a William Rast clip:

To see more, go to:

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