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September 14, 2008

Michael Phelps' Saturday Night Live Skits

Well, I'm not sure if you caught Michael Phelps' comedic and acting debut, but if you ask me it was quite lackluster and watching Michael Phelps reading from cue cards for 90 minutes wasn't exactly thrilling.

They really played the whole 8 gold medal thing ad nauseum, which I'm guessing is fitting since that's the only reason he made it onto Saturday Night Live in the first place.

Michael Phelps should stick to his day job and avoid any unnecessary attempts at comedy. Although the Michael Phelps diet does sound pretty irresistible...

Watch a video clip of Michael Phelps on Saturday Night Live:


Anonymous said...

Lighten up, Dude! Nobody expected him to be an actor and not read from cue cards. It was all just in FUN.

Anonymous said... was just for fun! It's not like he wants to be a movie star.


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