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December 1, 2008

Ashley King's The Way You Feel

Ashley King... Remember that name because you're going to be hearing upcoming artist Ashley King's name very often and very soon. Newly signed to the Buddhafish music label owned by none other than fashion designer extraordinaire Kevin Allwood, Ashley King is about to release her debut album, Waiting for the Future, on May 2009.

Ashley King's song, "The Way You Feel" just oozes sexy and can easily go from background music at a hip restaurant to bedroom music when the mood strikes. And you know the mood will strike.

It also doesn't hurt that Ashley King is easy on the eyes. So it's a no brainer formula; get a hot-looking chick like Ashley King who can sing and looks smoking doing it, and you've got yourself a money-making machine.

So take a listen to "The Way You Feel" and let me know what you think of Ashley King.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, this makes me want to have sexytimes.

Anonymous said...

This song is just amazing. I looked for it on iTunes and it's not there. When will her album be released?

Anonymous said...

Is there an actual music video to go with this song? I would luv to see it.

Anonymous said...

No I couldn't find one when I checked youtube, but she does have some other really chill songs, including a remake of a sade song.

Anonymous said...

hot! This song is hot!

Anonymous said...

I love her look I love her style and I loooveee her voice, each time I listen to her I hear something different, I think you are in the presence of something big here Ladythrills, something really big


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