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January 7, 2009

Ann Coulter Interview on Today Show

Ann Coulter is a loser. There, I said it. I've tried to like Ann Coulter despite the fact that I disagree with almost everything she says, but she is so radical about her views and makes such generalizations, that it's almost impossible not to hate her.

Ann Coulter was on Today with Matt Lauer and thanked him for having her on, even though she told the world that she had been banned from NBC because they canceled her interview the first time. Then she went on to say that NBC hates republicans and a bunch of other stupid things that Ann Coulter usually says.

Anyway, she was on to promote her stupid book and states that single moms are inherently ruining the world, and that B. Hussein Obama, which is how she refers to Barack Obama, is a Muslim. I guess the fact that his middle name is Hussein sort of drives the point home for her, the same way that Saddam Hussein spoke Arabic gave George W. Bush to go to war with him rather than Osama bin Laden.

So check out Ann Coulter on Today and watch as Matt Lauer takes her on and puts her in her place.


Anonymous said...

Put her in her place? She had more stats and facts to back her points up then the whole liberal philosophy which so many people don't question whatsoever. They want this Utopia society that is simply not possible with imperfect humans. They lack the common sense, values, and backbone. Example, If you knew people around you were armed would you stop and think twice about murdering someone? Hitler lived up to all of his values, was he a good person? Is negotiating with Islamic Terrorist that would blow our heads off in a second without blinking, going to get them to stop hating us?

I'm 16 years old, and I think I have a better grasp on the world then lots of adults.

It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You hate her huh? Well this is exactly what she talks about. Left wing media hating conservatives because they have differing opinions that try to CONSERVE the way we live, not radically change it with no restrictions on abortion, the highest tax rates in history about to be put into place by the messiah obama, the closing of Gitmo, what are you gonna do with 250 terrorists huh? Got any ideas? Lets try them in civilian court, yeah, the jury wouldn't show up, they would be to afraid to get BOMBED. The right doesn't and will never be so hate filled as the left is. You just proved it. You can hate anyone, but you'll look stupid just saying it and not backing it up with reasons as to WHY.

Sierra B. said...

I'm so sick and tired of the ignorance and closed-mindedness that the far right gloats about on a daily basis. I'm a Moderate Democrat, so of course I'm a tad biased...But I'd like to think that any decent and moral human being would be offended at the idea of one religion (i.e. Christian) being better than any other. And then assuming that they have the right to change others! Disgusting! Ann Coulter and others like her should be ashamed! And as far as liberals being unpatriotic, I have only this to say. The reason we fight so hard for office is BECAUSE we love our country and would like to see it live up to its potential. The potental we know it has to help our nation and others. I grew up on a military base and I'm as All-American as they come. But I recognized problems in the administration (as did others) and we are determined to return America to the place it was before Bush got ahold of it: A beacon of hope, security, and fairness in a dying world. With Barack Obama, and a democratic Congress, we are closer to achieving this than ever before. I, for one, am excited to help bring about a more understanding, tolerate, and united America. If you loved your would too. And what would help that is having less Ann Coulters in this world.


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