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January 13, 2009

Ann Coulter Pisses off the Women of The View

I know that she doesn't deserve all the press, but one thing Ann Coulter is good at is getting everyone to really, I mean really, hate her. And it's not like I especially love the chicks on The View either, but you know that Barbara Walters was ready for a fight from the get-go when she introduced Ann Coulter and said that she her book is "controversial, deliberately."

Ann Coulter has research to back up her new book but everyone wants to kill her. Whoopi Goldberg looked like she was going to take her outside and beat the living crap out of her.

Ann Coulter needs to be erased from the media simply because she sings the same song time after time. The women of The View were openly hostile towards Ann Coulter but I have to admit that Ann Coulter really held her own.

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