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January 13, 2009

Mickey Rourke Before Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke used to be really hot and take on roles that made him incredibly sexy. Take, for instance, Mickey Rourke's role in 9 1/2 Weeks alongside Kim Basinger. Not only was Mickey Rourke's character John very sexually intriguing, but he had a very innocent and even "cute" look about him.

Now we see the Mickey Rourke whose face was broken in a boxing ring and, yes, it's not an attractive one. But I'm sure it's just as hard for Mickey Rourke to see himself now and remember himself as the sexy man that all women coveted.

But for now, enjoy the Mickey Rourke that was.


Anonymous said...

i didn't think Mickey Rourke would ever show up in public again, then there he was, winning big at the Golden Globes

Unknown said...

Best scene ever! He had plastic surgery because he got his face beat up boxing!

Anonymous said...

Why do people judge others by the way they look instead of what they are made of?
Reading one article it says we should remember Mickey Rourke for who he was and not for who he is now. Sighs!!!!!
I see past his plastic surgery. I see an actor who was good at what he can do on screen and did in the past on screen.
To me he is still sexy and still hot.
People, do you dare throw the first stone that you are so perfect without faults?
All the best to you Mickey and I think you're still sexy and still an excellent actor. You do not ever have to prove yourself to anyone, not even yourself. I hope you are here to stay and bring entertainment back into our living rooms.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. All this talk about his looks is tired and old news. He don't look that bad. I feel he would benefit from a cleaner, neater look though. He will always be the coolest actor alive in my book.

Anonymous said...

I love Mickey R then and now, I think he is an amazing actor.. loved all his movies, the early ones and now the Wrestler...


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