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January 11, 2009

Heather Mills Shows Off New Haircut

Heather Mills has decided that a new haircut might help her get rid of that bitch stigma she just can't seem to shake. And although we can all admit that Heather Mills looks better with her new short Beatles hairstyle, if you will, she's still the same woman who used Paul McCartney for his money and tries to stay relevant by telling the press how abusive they've been.

So what do you think of Heather Mills' new haircut? Does it work for her? Or should Heather Mills just fade away and stop bothering everyone with her dumb sob stories?


Anonymous said...

1. HAIR: I think she looks super-cute, like a pretty little pixie :-)

2. HERSELF: I actually really like her - I think the press DID cast her in a really bad light. Also, at least she does loads of charity work. She has done so much work for landmine and animal charities.

Anonymous said...

heather ----did you ever ask paul if he had any secrets --------anyway-----there spiritual and im the lady he always sang about --------peace to your life --------brenda


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