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January 10, 2009

Prince Harry gets Caught on Tape

Oh snap! Prince Harry is at it again and this time it was all caught on tape. Prince Harry was taped while on duty with his army brigade and he called one of his comrades a "Paki," made fun of the Queen and told another comrade, "F*^& me, you look like a raghead."


Prince Harry's conduct was not befitting of a man who stands third to be king, but then again, I doubt he wants the title anyway. Hell, hasn't this kid learned that no one is his friend? They're all going to cash in on his behalf. What a doof!

Prince Harry is going to have to get some kickass PR people on this one. Maybe he can hire Hugh Grant's; I mean the guy got caught trying to bang a prostitute and it turned him into a romantic comedy king.

Check out the video of Prince Harry being racist and lewd and you decide if he should give Hugh a call.

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